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Showboating in Sports

Media Examples



The attitude that we wish to alter and explain is the over use of showboating and celebrations that take place after an advancement or a good play made during an NFL game.  We feel that celebrations are necessary in the world of sports; however, many NFL football players are trying to be as original as possible and are loosing their class while exploiting and embarrassing themselves. In any other level of sports, showboating and taunting is completely prohibited and many will get kicked off the field or even kicked off the team as a consequence of their actions. Having professional athletes promote this type of behaviour is a horrible role model for the young athletes. This allows young athletes to believe that showboating is expectable and allowed, even though it is greatly frowned upon in all most all professional leagues. There are some professional athletes that many teams will not sign to their roster due to their attitude towards the game and authority members during and after. The boasting, show boater can be considered an embarrassment and disgrace to have on the field, or even the sidelines.


Even sports games, such as EA Sports Madden ’06, has acknowledged that showboating as a negative effect on teams moral and chemistry.  If you were to play a game with the Philadelphia Eagles, the team moral would go down specifically because T.O. Owens, a popular show boater.

Prevention Techniques

            Even major league organizations are creating rules and regulations in order to prevent the use of showboating in professional sports. The NFL has recently introduced a new regulation accompanied by a fine for athletes that use a piece of equipment including the ball for celebration purposes.  Some other practices that were once considered a tradition in sports have since been discouraged and even reprimanded in professional leagues.  In the NHL it was once expected that if a player scored a hat trick the audience would throw hats of any kind onto the ice. This type of celebration has since been stopped due to the amount of time that it would involve to clear the ice in order to get the game going again.  Other leagues that have taken measures to ensure a good performance on both the athletes and the audiences part is the Premier League.  Almost every soccer game in Europe is treated with the enthusiasm that we would treat the Stanley cup. This amount of excitement can only lead to trouble when devoted fans have no choice but to see their team lose a match, and retaliate on other audience members by means of a riot. The Premier League has taken the authority to increase security at each match, especially those of rival teams.



Emily Vallance, Lindy Carnochan, Tyler Miller & Justin Stachowich